For Sale: Original 1981 BMW M1, 1 of 3 in Polaris Silver

Jul 07, 2015

An extremely rare and mint condition 1981 BMW M1 has popped up for sale with a price tag just a sneeze under $1 million. The M1 in question was designed by influential Italian designer Giorgetto...

BMW M8 to celebrate BMW 100th anniversary

Nov 22, 2012

BMW is said to be planning a new supercar called the BMW M8, which will be kind of like a modern-day interpretation of the BMW M1 from the Seventies. A debut is pitched to take...

New BMW M1 revivial could be here in 2016 – report

Jun 20, 2012

BMW and M division are reportedly considering a new BMW M1 supercar which could hit the market in 2016. The high-performance coupe would reignite the original M1 spirit, and become the company’s fastest model. BMW...

BMW files trademark for new models, 2 Series, M7, and M335

Jun 04, 2012

BMW has trademarked various new model names, giving some indication of what the company may have in store for the future. Badges include the BMW 2 Series, BMW M1, M2, M7, and BMW M10, as...

BMW M: 40 years of race-bred road cars

May 24, 2012

This year, and this month, BMW M celebrates its 40th birthday. We thought we’d take a look at the history of BMW’s motorsport division, and some of the awesome cars it has produced over the...