BMW 750d

Alpina eyeing BMW’s new quad-turbo diesel for future models

May 25, 2016

BMW’s quad-turbo engine was only revealed last week, and the first recipient of which will be the BMW 750d xDrive. It hasn’t even started delivery yet, and already a more potent version of the ‘world’s...

BMW 750d revealed; new quad-turbo super limo

May 18, 2016

BMW’s quad-turbocharged diesel straight six has made its debut under the hood of the new G11 7 Series. The 750d xDrive and long wheelbase 750Ld xDrive will commence European deliveries in July. With power and...

BMW quad-turbo diesel ‘750d’ to produce 290kW/800Nm?

Sep 10, 2015

As has been previously reported, BMW is soon expected to show a flagship diesel engine for the new 7 Series ‘750d’, with four turbochargers. BMW already has a triple-turbocharged diesel engine, which generates 280kW and...

2013 BMW 7 Series unveiled, including M Performance 750d, ActiveHybrid 7

Jul 22, 2012

BMW has unveiled the new 2013 BMW 7 Series grand sedan. Models include the 730i, 740i, 750i, 760i, and the 730d, 740d, and the new 750d xDrive with the company’s new M Performance triple-turbo diesel...