Aston Martin DB10

PerformanceDrive chats with 007 stunt driver Mark Higgins (video)

Mar 23, 2016

As we sit down in the immaculate Aston Martin dealership, it’s hard to ignore the smiles projecting from outside the dealership as passersby study the automotive eye-candy that sits within. Little do they know that...

Video: Aston Martin DB10 behind-the-scenes in SPECTRE

Oct 03, 2015

A new trailer has been released of the upcoming James Bond film SPECTRE. Well, sort of. It’s short film by Aston Martin, highlighting some of the behind-the-scenes stuff in regards to the role of the...

Video: Aston Martin DB9 replacement spotted, to be called DB11?

Jul 23, 2015

Aston Martin has been spotted test driving a prototype version of the upcoming ‘DB11′ grand sports car at the Nurburgring, stretching its legs – and tyres – in fairly vigorous fashion. It’s believed Aston Martin...

Aston Martin DB10 & Jaguar C-X75 tear up Rome in SPECTRE trailer

May 04, 2015

A very exciting trailer for the upcoming Bond 007 film, SPECTRE, has been released. It stars a specially-made Jaguar C-X75 and an equally special Aston Martin DB10. Both of these cars have never really made...

Aston Martin DB10 created for Spectre, James Bond film

Dec 05, 2014

Even though James Bond will drive a Fiat 500 in the upcoming new 007 film called Spectre, the suave British secret service agent will also drive a bespoke Aston Martin DB10. The DB10 has been...