Real Dyno Performance FPV GS, GT: Coyote 500 upgrade

The current 5.0-litre supercharged V8 FPVs are certainly no bunch of slouches, however, Real Dyno Performance offers a performance upgrade kit that sees the Aussie V8-belters pump out some serious grunt.


Real Dyno Performance FPV GS and GT Coyote 500 upgrade – information on kit:

Whether it’s the 315kW GS, or the 335kW GT, they are a force to be reckoned with right out of the box, with both models muscling to 100km/h in the low five-second bracket. Acceleration times will drastically improve after a Coyote 500 kit is installed.

The engine is left unopened, however, the kit sees a new twin 2.5-inch mild-steel cat-back exhaust system and a K&N air filter fitted to improve flow. The car is then fine tuned on the dyno for optimum performance.

Time to carry out the upgrade is approximately one business day.


Real Dyno Performance FPV GS and GT Coyote 500 upgrade – parts used:

  • K&N air filter
  • X-Force twin 2.5-inch mild-steel cat-back exhaust
  • Ford SCT Flash 3 tuner with three custom Real Dyno tunes

Optional extras:

  • ZF gearbox tuning ($500 extra – automatic only)
  • Stainless steel cat-back exhaust ($350 extra)


Real Dyno Performance FPV GS and GT Coyote 500 upgrade – estimated power figure:

373kW (500hp) at the wheels*.

*Power figures are indicative only and may vary


Real Dyno Performance FPV GS and GT Coyote 500 upgrade – price:

$2575**, plus $500 if you opt for a custom ZF gearbox tune (automatic only), and $350 extra to swap the mild-steel exhaust for a stainless steel cat-back system.

**Prices subject to change


Workshop details: Real Dyno Performance
Real Dyno Performance offers performance upgrades for Ford, FPV, Holden, and HSV, and is an authorised KPM Motorsport supplier.

Phone: (07) 3284 1925


25 Beach Street, Kippa-Ring QLD 4021 (map shown below)

Josh was one of the original co-founders of PerformanceDrive. His expertise is car culture and aftermarket performance. He was the editor at Hot4s Magazine for a few years, and has since worked at Fast Fours, Zoom, and as a journalist for The Project Group.

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