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Honda CR-V with R34 GT-R front and B18C turbo is weird

February 14, 2014

If you think modifying a Honda CR-V is weird, then this car with its Nissan R34 GT-R front end conversion and 500hp turbocharged B18C engine will blow your mind. The car was reportedly spotted at a HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway.

It’s definitely something different. And with 500hp running through the CR-V’s all-wheel drive system, think of it as a mini GT-R… in a very Honda kind of way.

What do you think? Crazy, or cool?

Josh was one of the original co-founders of PerformanceDrive. His expertise is car culture and aftermarket performance. He was the editor at Hot4s Magazine for a few years, and has since worked at Fast Fours, Zoom, and as a journalist for The Project Group.