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Holden appoints new chairman, 24 new models coming by 2020

General Motors Holden has appointed a new chairman and managing director, Mark Bernhard. He takes the position from Jeff Rolfs who stepped in temporarily after Gerry Dorizas resigned after just seven months at the helm.

2015 Holden Cruze-2

Bernhard is no stranger to the Holden brand. He started with Holden back in 1986 and has since undertaken various senior financial roles for GM’s global operations. He moves from the position of CFO at Shanghai GM. Speaking about the appointment, president of GM International Stefan Jacoby said,

“Mark’s knowledge of GM Holden, our region and GM’s global operations will serve him well in his new role. He will champion the ongoing transition of GM Holden to a National Sales Company and the repositioning of the Holden brand for long-term growth and profitability.”

What does this all mean for the brand? Well, Holden, as ever, is planning an onslaught of new products which will be introduced over the next five years. This includes 24 major new models and 36 new powertrain combinations.

Models confirmed include an all-new Barina Spark and a global Captiva replacement. Holden will also introduce a “world-class” SUV set for the crucial SUV market segment. The new SUV is expected to be large and ready to compete with Ford’s upcoming Everest or the Ford Edge (Territory replacement).

As for the Holden Commodore, the nameplate will live on in another next-gen large car developed by GM. Holden has also confirmed plans that it will launch a true sports car in its future lineup. Jacoby said,

“Holden is accessing GM’s global operations to assemble its biggest and best ever product line-up. This new model onslaught will ensure Holden has world-class products in every major segment – a true customer-driven product strategy.”

Mark Bernhard

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  • ceegeester

    I am looking for an AWD SUV auto that I can flat tow (all four wheels on the ground) and I have seen a publication in the USA that states that the Chevrolet Equinox can be flat towed. DinghyGuide2015 states that you shouldn’t exceed 65 mph and that you should remove fuse 32. Run engine at the beginning of each day and at each fuel stop for 5 minutes. Seems to me that there is lots of confusion in the market as to what can be flat towed and what cannot. Any thoughts.

  • ceegeester

    Just received a reply from Chevrolet in the USA who referred me to the owners manual for the Equinox and confirmed that it can be flat towed.” In regards to your inquiry, the 2015 Equinox can be dinghy towed from
    the front. The Chevrolet Owner’s Manuals from 2008 to 2015 (2016 to be
    added when available) can be found at http://www.chevrolet.com/owners/chevy-manuals.html.
    The specific instructions for the 2015 Equinox do include removing fuse
    32 and also advises not to exceed 65 mph. Please see section 10-68 of
    the 2015 Equinox manual for detailed instructions on towing the vehicle.” Seems that Australian vehicle configurations must be engineered differently because the there appears to be no AWD SUV auto that can be flat towed in OZ and the only AWD that can be is the Subaru but with a manual gearbox. (confirmed by Subaru). Maybe I have to wait for the Equinox to be released in Oz.