GGR ST240 kit announced for Ford Fiesta ST

The latest Ford Fiesta ST is already a cracking little hatch right from the factory. If you want a bit more zing though maybe the just-announced GGR ST240 kit will tickle your fancy.

GGR ST240 Ford Fiesta ST

It’s a complete tuning program developed in the UK, combining the engineering expertise of GGR (Graham Goode Racing) along with engine computer management by Superchips.

The package consists of a high-flow direct air induction system and a ‘Smooth Flow’ air induction hose, a K&N filter, as well as a completely remapped engine computer by Superchips. GGR explains,

“The standard induction tract of the Fiesta ST was an obvious area for improvement. The air filter box on the ST is essentially the same as used in all Fiesta models, despite the increased engine size and power, so this obviously limits airflow into the 1.6-litre Ecoboost engine.

“To overcome this GGR has produced a special High-Flow Direct Air Induction System and matching silicone air induction hose to eradicate the restrictions of the standard components, which allows for greatly increased inlet flow.”

As a result of these relatively minor yet comprehensively developed add-ons, the mighty little 1.6-litre turbo EcoBoost engine is boosted from 134kW and 290Nm to 179kW and 343Nm.

In standard form we have timed the Fiesta ST for 0-100km/h and it achieved the sprint in 6.9 seconds. With these mods you could expect to see that figure drop into the high 5.0 seconds range.

GGR offers the kit at prices starting at £728.98 (around AU$1307), including installation. For those who already have the previous GGR ST225 package, the company offers special upgrades to the 240 kit.

GGR ST240 Ford Fiesta ST power graph

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