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Volkswagen Golf GTI 3-door coming back to Australia

Apr 29, 2017

The three-door Volkswagen Golf GTI will return to Australia later this year, albeit in a limited run of 150 cars, coinciding with the Mk7.5 update. Known as the Golf GTI Performance Edition 1, this model...

Volkswagen announces new 1.0 TGI gas engine

Apr 28, 2017

Through the pain and suffering it has endured from the dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen is now trying many different avenues to make amends with environmentally-friendly engines. The latest was unveiled at the 38th annual Vienne Engine...

Volkswagen T-Roc previewed as all-new compact SUV (video)

Apr 28, 2017

Volkswagen will soon launch a compact SUV going by the name of T-Roc, and has released a short teaser to generate some anticipation. Seen here in prototype form, the T-Roc will slot in beneath the...

2017 Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5 on sale in Australia in August

Apr 24, 2017

Specifications and features for the Australian-bound 2017 Volkswagen Golf R Mk7.5 have been announced. It will come in as the quickest accelerating production Golf to hit our shores. Joining the recent Mk7.5 Golf range, the...

2018 Volkswagen Polo GTI to receive 2.0-litre turbo from Golf?

Apr 21, 2017

We are getting excited about the next generation of supermini hot hatches; first with Ford’s announcement of a more powerful and efficient Fiesta ST, and now with news that the next Polo GTI could receive...

Top 10 best small cars coming to Australia in 2017-2018

Apr 20, 2017

Small cars have become the new default non-SUV for Australian purchasers. These days they have a depth of engineering that results from a staggering amount of competition. Safety, driving dynamics and creature comforts are generally...

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz concept previews 2020 SUV

Apr 18, 2017

Just as its Czech outpost Skoda showcases an electric crossover coupe concept at the same event, Auto Shanghai 2017, Volkswagen has pulled the drapes off its interpretation called the I.D. Crozz. The third concept in...

Top 10 electric cars coming to Australia between 2018-2020

Apr 14, 2017

The future that we didn’t expect ten years ago is now. The proliferation of electric cars such as the Tesla Model S has sent shock waves through the auto industry, and there is barely a...

Volkswagen previews electric I.D. crossover concept

Apr 13, 2017

Volkswagen will use the Auto Shanghai event next week to unveil its third I.D. concept, to further fortify its dieselgate-proof wall and pave the way for a whole fleet of electric-only models. This time around,...

Top 10 best performance cars coming to Australia in 2017-2018

Apr 07, 2017

Performance car enthusiasts are at something of a crossroads. Due to emissions regulations and shifting consumer preference, the best sports cars are ditching the manual gearbox and are disappearing before our eyes. With the end...

Volkswagen Touareg Adventure edition announced for Australia

Mar 28, 2017

Volkswagen Australia is introducing an Adventure special edition of its Touareg luxury SUV in an attempt to breathe some life into the SUV before it is replaced by the next-gen version. Starting with the 180TDI...

FCA boss Marchionne keen to chat to Volkswagen on possible partnership

Mar 23, 2017

Talks of will-they, won’t-they mergers or partnerships between FCA and Volkswagen have been circulating for years now. Everything from VW coveting CEO Sergio Marchionne’s Alfa Romeo marque, both sides stubbornly refusing at various stages to...

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