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Toyota RAV4 vs Kia Sportage: fleet car comparison

Apr 08, 2016

The mid-size SUV segment is bursting with options at the moment. Which model is right for you? Today, we’re taking a look at the veteran of the class, the Toyota RAV4, and pitching it against...

Lotus helped tune Hyundai Genesis chassis & suspension – report

Feb 09, 2014

Lotus reportedly helped tune the chassis and suspension on the second-gen 2o15 Hyundai Genesis, which will go on sale in Australia in July this year. The testing included Lotus taking the highly anticipated car on...

Tony Abbott says no more money for Holden – report

Dec 07, 2013

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has all but put the final nail in Holden’s coffin, telling the carmaker he would not provide more government funding to the battling company. According to News Limited, Mr Abbott declared...

All-new Subaru WRX to be unveiled at LA Show in November – report

Aug 29, 2013

Subaru will reportedly unveil the new 2014 Subaru WRX at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show in November, showcasing an all-new design, interior, and increased performance. According to a recent Automotive News report in the...

Ferrari EGO Concept revealed as potential 2025 hypercar

Sep 09, 2011

While the name, Ferrari EGO Concept, suggests this concept has been fabricated to flex Ferrari’s hypercar muslcles, it certainly looks to break the mould of what hypercar/supercars dynamically represent today. The name (EGO) stands for...

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