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Tesla Autopilot update just around the corner

Nov 29, 2016

Tesla is planning the release of its enhanced Autopilot system in “about 3 weeks”, according to CEO Elon Musk. The suite is set to be joined by incremental updates on a monthly basis, downloaded via...


Tesla shows what Autopilot cameras see and manage (video)

Nov 22, 2016

Tesla’s Autopilot system is one of the leading-edge systems currently on the automotive market. Although it is not without its problems, it is constantly under improvement, and after announcing that all future Tesla’s will be...


Tesla announces 3 more Supercharger locations for Australia

Nov 17, 2016

Tesla has announced it will be introducing three more public Supercharger stations in Australia, including two which will help connect Sydney and Brisbane and another connecting Melbourne and Adelaide. The first two, currently under construction,...


Update for Tesla P100D does 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, Elon Musk confirms

Nov 17, 2016

Tesla is planning the release of its latest software update for its vehicles, which most notably allows more performance than ever from the P100D. If (somehow) you think the P100D’s Ludicrous mode isn’t quite ludicrous...


Tesla Model 3 battery 30% more energy efficient than Model S

Nov 15, 2016

Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 sedan could be packaged with a battery pack up to thirty per cent more efficient than the battery pack powering the current Model S. While Tesla is yet to officially announce...


Tesla to acquire Grohmann Engineering, plans ‘Gigafactory 2’

Nov 09, 2016

Tesla has announced it is acquiring a German engineering firm focussed on automated manufacturing to help accelerate the production of its future vehicles. In a blog post, Tesla revealed that it has entered an agreement...


Tesla announces Supercharger no longer free for 2017 customers

Nov 08, 2016

Tesla Motors yesterday made the announcement that it will soon begin charging users of its Supercharging network, under a new business model. The fast-charging infrastructure, named the Supercharging network, is made up of 735 Supercharger...


Tesla Model S P90D cut from range, full glass roof option added

Nov 07, 2016

Tesla has released an optional glass roof for its Model S sedan, also removing the P90D variant in the latest raft of updates to the electric sedan. The latest option for Tesla owners does away...


Tesla posts quarterly profit, second in history as public company

Oct 27, 2016

Californian EV-manufacturer Tesla Motors has posted its first quarterly profit in over three years, with Elon Musk saying his company will post another profit in the next quarter. Tesla reported a record number of deliveries...


Tesla rates poorly in Consumer Reports reliability survey

Oct 26, 2016

Tesla has scored extremely poorly in terms of reliability in the latest survey published by Consumer Reports. The 2016 Annual Auto Reliability Survey was taken out by Lexus, with Toyota, Buick, Audi and Kia in...


Tesla confirms ride-sharing plans with autonomous vehicles

Oct 21, 2016

Tesla has confirmed it intends to enter the world of ride-sharing in an announcement by its CEO, Elon Musk. The idea isn’t new though; Elon Musk first teased a Tesla-developed ride sharing platform with the...


LA police testing Tesla Model S for patrol fleet

Oct 20, 2016

The Tesla Model S may be the next addition to the Los Angeles Police Department’s fleet, according to reports. Just months ago the LAPD said the Model S was too expensive to be considered as...

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