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Tesla Model 3 to skip beta testing to ensure it meets production deadline

Mar 23, 2017

That Tesla has a lot riding on the upcoming Model 3 launch is a colossal understatement. Competitors, shareholders and those who have pre-ordered one are all watching closely, so the Californian company does not want...

Top 10 cars with the strangest engine conversions

Mar 22, 2017

Engine swaps are, more often than not, to enhance a car’s power and speed. Note the Ferrari-powered Toyota 86, or GTR-engined Nissan Patrol we’ve featured, as well as the myriad small cars at Summernats 30...

Tesla opens first store in Adelaide, plans to expand Supercharger network in SA

Mar 15, 2017

Tesla has set up its first shop in Adelaide, which is a pop-up-style store located in Rundle Mall. It has been set up following the South Australian Government’s initiatives in renewable energy. Earlier this week...

Tesla Model 3 prototype spotted on the streets for first time (video)

Mar 14, 2017

A video showing what is believed to be one of the first running versions of the highly-anticipated Tesla Model 3 has surfaced online, giving us a clear view of its road presence and proportions. The...

2017 Tesla Model X P90D review (video)

Mar 09, 2017

For about the price of a BMW M3 and a BMW X5 M50d combined, you could buy a Tesla Model X P90D. And that’s what you’re essentially getting with the Tesla. A fast sports car...

Tesla truck envisioned, Musk says “Model 3 is priority”

Feb 12, 2017

We know how Tesla’s passenger car range looks, having been acquainted with the final piece of that puzzle, the Model 3, last March. Since then, Elon Musk has shocked the world by announcing the Tesla...

Tesla Model 3 pre-production models to roll out Feb. 20

Feb 10, 2017

It’s been a while since we heard any news on the upcoming Tesla Model 3, but a report from Reuters indicates that pre-production models will start rolling out of the Freemont, California facility on February...

Tesla Model S P100D resets 0-60mph record: 2.28 seconds

Feb 08, 2017

After a recent update, the Tesla Model S P100D has reset the record books once again, setting a mind-blowing 0-60mph time of just 2.2755 seconds. The time was laid down by Motor Trend, using its...

Tesla Model 3 to feature ‘Dyson Bladeless’-like climate control?

Feb 02, 2017

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything about Tesla’s disruptive Model 3 sedan- the final piece of Elon Musk’s Secret Master Plan 1 to democratise electric cars and a record setter for pre-orders....

Tesla Model S P100D sets new 1/4 mile record (video)

Jan 31, 2017

A new quarter mile record has been set by the Tesla Model S P100D, decimating its already jaw-dropping former record and chopping a 478kW muscle sedan in the process. Thanks to the larger 100kWh battery...

Tesla Model S 100D variant announced, longest range yet

Jan 23, 2017

Tesla has quietly introduced a new variant, called the 100D. The 100kWh powertrain is available in the Model S and Model X. Not to be confused with the P100D, which is technically the quickest-accelerating production...

NHTSA Tesla investigation finds no defects, following fatal crash

Jan 23, 2017

Safety regulator NHTSA in the U.S. has concluded there were no defects or compliance failures on Tesla’s behalf in the case of the fatal Tesla Model S Autopilot crash involving a truck last year. The...

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