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Tesla posts quarterly profit, second in history as public company

Oct 27, 2016

Californian EV-manufacturer Tesla Motors has posted its first quarterly profit in over three years, with Elon Musk saying his company will post another profit in the next quarter. Tesla reported a record number of deliveries...


Tesla rates poorly in Consumer Reports reliability survey

Oct 26, 2016

Tesla has scored extremely poorly in terms of reliability in the latest survey published by Consumer Reports. The 2016 Annual Auto Reliability Survey was taken out by Lexus, with Toyota, Buick, Audi and Kia in...


Tesla confirms ride-sharing plans with autonomous vehicles

Oct 21, 2016

Tesla has confirmed it intends to enter the world of ride-sharing in an announcement by its CEO, Elon Musk. The idea isn’t new though; Elon Musk first teased a Tesla-developed ride sharing platform with the...


LA police testing Tesla Model S for patrol fleet

Oct 20, 2016

The Tesla Model S may be the next addition to the Los Angeles Police Department’s fleet, according to reports. Just months ago the LAPD said the Model S was too expensive to be considered as...


Recent Tesla Model 3 orders to be delivered from mid-2018

Oct 19, 2016

Tesla has revealed a timeline for when new orders of its Model 3 sedan will be delivered, prompting some publications to report a delay in production which in turn sent Tesla’s stock price tumbling overnight....


German transport ministry calls for Tesla to withdraw ‘autopilot’ advertising

Oct 17, 2016

Germany’s federal transport ministry has asked Tesla to halt marketing its autonomous driving technology as ‘Autopilot’, saying the name is misleading to the public. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has issued a statement saying...


Tesla posts higher sales than leading luxury brands in US

Oct 14, 2016

Tesla is reigning supreme in the US in sales, extending its lead in the luxury sedan market over rivals like BMW, Mercedes and Audi at their own game with a 59 per cent increase this...


Tesla to unveil ‘unexpected product’ on Oct. 17, says Elon Musk

Oct 11, 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken to Twitter, teasing the launch of an unknown product in a week’s time. Musk recently tweeted: “Tesla product unveiling on the 17th (unexpected by most), followed by Tesla/SolarCity on...


Tesla files lawsuit against state of Michigan after sales ban

Oct 10, 2016

The battle between Tesla and the state of Michigan has heated up once again, with Tesla filing the first lawsuit in its history after being shut-out from selling vehicles in the US state. As it...


Tesla reports best quarterly sales ever, hits, 24,500 units

Oct 03, 2016

Tesla has posted its strongest sales quarter ever as it looks to raise capital needed to produce the upcoming Model 3. The California-based company set its new sales record for the third-quarter of 2016 delivering...


Tesla Model S racing car revealed for Electric GT championship

Sep 29, 2016

A new Electric GT series commencing next year will feature a racing version of the Tesla Model S, as showcased in a video that has popped up on YouTube. Electric GT is open to several...


Tesla Mode S crashes into gym, driver blames car

Sep 27, 2016

Tesla is categorically denying claims from the driver of a Tesla Model S that ploughed through the glass wall of a gym, who said the car accelerated itself. As you can see from the video...

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