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Volvo to introduce car-to-car communication this year

Oct 12, 2016

Volvo executives have confirmed it will begin packaging some of its vehicles with cloud functionality enabling car-to-car communication by the end of the year. The system will make its way to Volvo’s 90 series models...

Proterra Catalyst E2

Proterra Catalyst E2 is a 660kWh EV bus with 560km range

Sep 16, 2016

US company Proterra has released details of a radical new electric bus design, largely constructed from carbon fibre and powered by a 660kWh battery pack. What could genuinely turn out to be the future of...

Global Vehicle Trust OX by Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray helps engineer world’s first flat-pack truck

Sep 07, 2016

Gordon Murray, the brains behind the original McLaren F1 hypercar, has helped engineer the world’s first flat-pack truck called the Ox, by Global Vehicle Trust. It is designed to be affordable and conquer rough terrain...

SolidEnergy Systems lithium-metal battery

EVs could soon adopt clever new lithium-metal battery tech

Aug 23, 2016

A group of researchers in the US have revealed a radical new rechargeable lithium-ion battery concept that is twice as efficient as current, equivalent batteries. SolidEnergy Systems is behind the development, with a design said...

New Honda NSX paddle shifters

Honda developing 11-speed automatic transmission? Patent found

Aug 22, 2016

Honda may be planning a revolutionary new 11-speed automatic transmission with three clutches, according to a recent patent application. The discovery made by Autoguide cites a recent patent application submitted by Honda Motor Co Ltd...

Audi traffic communication

Audi debuts traffic light communication technology

Aug 16, 2016

In a first for the industry, Audi vehicles in the US are set to communicate with nearby traffic signals which could lead to more efficient driving. The technology is known as V-to-I, or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication,...

Infiniti Variable Compression engine

Infiniti reveals world-first variable compression engine

Aug 15, 2016

Many have tried but never cracked it; the mass-market variable compression ratio engine. Nissan’s luxury arm Infiniti will be the first carmaker to introduce this technology. The engine, called VC-T, is a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder...

Apple car render

Apple Car to feature unique Korean-made hollow batteries

Aug 12, 2016

The latest from the Apple car rumour mill suggests that it has teamed up with a Korean company to develop a revolutionary new battery for the upcoming car. A Korean news source has claimed the...

Google Maps

Google Maps could soon help you find car parking spaces

Aug 12, 2016

Google Maps might be planning to release a new feature on its smartphone app that could advise you on the availability of car parks that are nearby. Google recently released a Beta version of its...

Audi eROT suspension

Audi develops ‘eROT’ suspension that harnesses energy

Aug 11, 2016

Audi has unveiled a revolutionary new shock absorber prototype that not only increases comfort, but also saves fuel. The design has been nicknamed “eROT” by Audi engineers, which throws out the traditional hydraulic damper  system...

BMW 3D printing

BMW to expand use of 3D-printed components

Jul 14, 2016

BMW has revealed that it intends to construct even more parts for its vehicles using 3D printers, expanding its manufacturing capabilities. BMW has printed vehicle components using a 3D printing process in one way or...

Infiniti side mirror camera

Japanese legislature approves mirrorless cars

Jul 06, 2016

For aerodynamicists and engineers alike, the vehicular wing-mirror is an utter nuisance, spoiling the drag of an otherwise sleek masterpiece. Well it looks like the days of the big awkward side mirror could be numbered,...

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