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Stunt driver sets record speed on two wheels (video)

Oct 27, 2016

The Finns have taken out the Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled drive in a car, topping out at 186km/h. The record was set by Finnish stunt driver Vesa Kivimaki in a modified BMW...

2016 Volkswagen Beetle LSR-side

Meet the new world’s fastest Volkswagen Beetle; 330km/h Beetle LSR

Sep 21, 2016

Volkswagen USA has created the world’s fastest Beetle, beating the old land speed record which has been standing since 1988. With a little help from Californian tuning company THA Manufacturing, the Beetle’s 2.0-litre TSI turbo...

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Nurburgring record

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV posts new Nurburgring lap record (video)

Sep 09, 2016

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (QV) has set a new sedan lap record at the Nürburgring, bettering Porsche’s recent record by seven seconds. The Giulia Quadrifoglio, equipped with a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 producing 375kW/600Nm, ran...

Bryce Menzies record jump

Video: Bryce Menzies jumps 115m in truck, breaks record

Aug 30, 2016

There’s a new world record for the longest car jump, with Bryce Menzies launching a race truck in New Mexico more than 115 meters. Energy-drink behemoth Red Bull and Bryce Menzies from Arizona teamed up...

Volvo Iron Knight-record

Volvo Iron Knight truck breaks speed records, 0-100km/h in 4.6

Aug 25, 2016

Volvo has once again shown the world its trucks have no match, setting two world records including posting a top speed of 276km/h. Its ‘Iron Knight’ truck, a nearly 1800kW/6000Nm custom-made machine, has a new...

Genovation Chevrolet Corvette electric

Electric Chevrolet Corvette sets new speed record (video)

Aug 01, 2016

A custom-built all-electric 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has broken its own land speed record, laying down a verified top speed run of 330km/h. The Corvette in question is the result of a US electric powertrain...

Tesla Model S-Blake Fuller Pikes Peak

Tesla Models breaks EV record at 2016 Pikes Peak

Jun 28, 2016

A Tesla Model S has taken on the 100th annual Pikes Peak hill climb event, setting a new record in the process. Blake Fuller, owner of Go Puck and Braille Battery, was behind the wheel...

Z Tyre-most expensive

Dubai-based Z Tyre creates $600,000 set of tyres, breaks record

Jun 15, 2016

As we already know, Dubai is a car-crazy nation, and even crazier when it comes to excess, so let’s skip the introduction and get straight into this US$600,000 set of tyres. The special tyre has...

worlds fastest mobility scooter

New Guinness world record for fastest mobility scooter (video)

Feb 04, 2016

Ever went out for an afternoon stroll only to find yourself stuck behind an older person on one of those slow mobility scooters? Hogging the whole footpath, you either have to walk around them or...

Suabru BRZ 360 spin world record

Subaru BRZ sets new world record for ‘Tightest 360 spin’ (video)

Jan 18, 2016

The Subaru BRZ is regarded as one of the most exciting and engaging new-model sports cars on the market. But now there’s been some proof to back up the notion; it performs the tightest 360-degree...

University of Stuttgart-The Green Team

Uni students in Germany break 0-100km/h record: 1.779 seconds (video)

Jul 24, 2015

German university students have decimated the world 0-100km/h record, using a customer electric-powered formula racer. University of Stuttgart’s ‘Green Team’ students blitzed the sprint in just 1.779 seconds, bettering the previous record by a scant...

Koenigsegg One-1 Spa-Francorchamps

Koenigsegg One:1 breaks another lap record; Spa-Francorchamps

Jul 23, 2015

Koenigsegg has broken another record with the One:1 hypercar, posting the fastest ever lap around Spa-Francorchamps circuit for a production car. It clocked a 2:32.14 time. Interestingly, Koenigsegg had to make modifications to the exhaust...

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