Performance News

Schaeffler Audi RS 3 sedan revealed, packs 880kW (video)

Jun 01, 2018

A high-powered version of the Audi RS 3 sedan has been prepared by Schaeffler, with over 880kW and ridiculous performance. Dubbed the 4ePerformance, the car is capable of covering 0-200km/h in under seven seconds, thanks...

Arden develops neat upgrade kit for Jaguar XE S

Jun 01, 2018

Those who missed out on the limited edition Jaguar XE SV Project 8 can always turn to the team at Arden for a similar package, including an overhauled supercharged engine and crazy aero package. Arden is...

Mil-Spec Automotive reinvents the Hummer H1, fits 500hp Duramax

May 28, 2018

Looking to buy a new off-road beast and need something that will get you through anything? A Hummer H1 is usually a good place to start, but here’s a better version prepared by Mil-Spec Automotive....

BRABUS reveals first upgrades for Mercedes-Benz X-Class

May 15, 2018

It was only a matter time before renowned Mercedes tuner BRABUS got hold of the new Nissan Narava-based X-Class ute. And here is the first package it has developed. Firstly, no. Unfortunately it does not...

ABT gives the new Audi SQ5 a neat makeover

May 08, 2018

Renowned Audi tuner ABT has turned its attention to the new Audi SQ5 and given it a thorough makeover, adding more power and more visual presence to the performance mid-size SUV. In standard form the...

Timeless Kustoms creates $1 million 1000hp 1965 Ford Mustang

May 03, 2018

Ever wondered what a classic car would look like if you spent one million dollars building it? Well, here it is. The owner of this 1965 Ford Mustang had a vision and went for it....

Mazda3 given crazy widebody treatment by JGTC

Apr 30, 2018

If you’re looking to add some aesthetic muscle to your Mazda3 you might be interested in a widebody kit by Taiwanese company JGTC. Given that the current generation has been in production since 2013, this...

Pogea Racing transforms Alfa Romeo 4C into a stealthy beast

Apr 28, 2018

Renowned Fiat and Abarth tuner Pogea Racing has developed a ‘performante’ version of the Alfa Romeo 4C called the Nemesis, giving it more aero, a stealthier attitude, and a lot more power. Starting with the...

GT-R-powered Nissan Qashqai becomes fastest SUV in the world

Apr 23, 2018

If you loved the idea of the Nissan Juke Nismo from a couple of years ago, then you’ll love this. It’s a custom build by a company called Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM), and what they’ve...

EDC Project Alpha is the perfect Range Rover Classic

Apr 18, 2018

Range Rover fans will enjoy this one. Land Rover specialist ECD Auto Design in California has built possibly the best example of the first-generation Range Rover Classic we’ve ever seen. Welcome to Project Alpha. Taking...

Aussie tuner developing Kia Stinger upgrade, 322kW ATW so far

Apr 11, 2018

It was only a matter of time before some tuning house got hold of the new Kia Stinger to see what could be extracted from it. And here we see one of the first attempts...

BMW Abu Dhabi shows off AC Schnitzer M550i upgrades

Apr 04, 2018

Before the new M5 came along BMW offered the M550i xDrive, available in overseas markets. It’s an intermediate performance sedan that almost offers the same acceleration as the new M5. Renowned BMW tuner AC Schnitzer...

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