Streetpong ‘ActiWait’ entertains pedestrians in Germany

Dec 12, 2014

Pong, the game that most would probably assume has outlived its usefulness in the 21st century, might have finally found new life in Germany. In a bid to reduce boredom, pedestrians in the small city...

Editorial: How to get a driver’s licence – Australia vs Switzerland

Dec 11, 2014

In NSW, Australia you sure have to go through a lot of stages until you can finally hold your full licence in your hands. But there are countries in this world where it is harder...

23yo makes ultra-detailed 1:60 scale Boeing 777 out of paper

Dec 10, 2014

Some things look good on paper, while others look simply dazzling in paper. It was probably that happy little thought, together with his fascination for aircraft, that inspired Luca Iaconi-Stewart for his painstaking project. Since...

Shanghai man creates miniature car, smallest in the world?

Dec 05, 2014

Beijing and Shanghai are very expensive cities to live in. Everything gets more expensive, from subway rides to cars. That’s the reason why some people start to get creative. 60-year-old Shanghai native Xu Zhiyun has...

Meet Tiny Heirloom, literally a house on wheels

Dec 05, 2014

When the call of the wild becomes too strong, we like to leave our earthbound homes in style. Naturally, you can once more cross the countryside in that veteran caravan that has been residing, just...

Oris teams up with Audi to create exquisite Audi Sport watch

Nov 26, 2014

With Christmas is just around the corner there is one question bothering us more than any other. What are we going to buy for our loved ones? Coincidentally the Swiss watchmaker Oris, official watch partner...

Mopar introduces new merchandise, just in time for Christmas

Nov 26, 2014

Garlands of plaited greenery, twinkling baubles dusted with pseudo-snow, a sudden influx of extravagantly decorated conifers… Shop windows, city squares and house fronts start to show alarming symptoms of Christmas fever. After making the same...

‘Tractor Girl’ on her way to South Pole in Massey Ferguson MF 5610

Nov 24, 2014

The realm of childhood dreams is vast and mighty. While some want to become a princess or an astronaut (or both), others yearn to drive to the end of the world… on a tractor. Dutch...

UK bus company introduces poo-powered ‘Bio-Bus’

Nov 24, 2014

First of all, it does not smell bad. The makers of UK’s first bio-bus powered entirely by human and food waste made sure of that. The 40-seater is fuelled by bio-methane gas, which is generated...

Video: Amazing record truck jump, leaps over Lotus F1 car

Nov 23, 2014

The Lotus F1 team and its major sponsor EMC have teamed up for a world record-breaking new marketing campaign which involves a Renault truck jumping over a moving F1 car. That’s right. In a short...

Video: New world record tightest parallel park set in China

Nov 23, 2014

Do you think you’re a good parker? Think again. Chinese stunt driver Han Yue has broken the world record for the tightest parallel park, using the latest MINI Cooper S three-door. During the China Drift...

Mercedes-Benz artistically celebrates 17 million Facebook Fans

Nov 19, 2014

Mercedes-Benz’s fan community on Facebook exceeded the 17 million mark this month. To celebrate the milestone, the brand with the star has created a wall-mounted tape installation depicting the exterior of the new Mercedes-AMG GT...

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