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For Sale: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento with 10km on clock, 1 of 20 ever made

Oct 17, 2016

An example of Lamborghini’s incredible Sesto Elemento has propped up for sale on the internet, on one of the world’s most decadent, plutocratic marketplaces: James Edition. From sellers Opulent Motors, the full carbon fibre lightweight...


For Sale: 2012 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, travelled 1700km

Oct 13, 2016

A used 2012 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport has surfaced online for a listed price of US$2,950,000. The Veyron in question is for sale via Manhattan Motorcars, with one previous owner and a mere 1779kms...

Porsche 911 930 TAG F1

Found: McLaren Porsche 911 with TAG F1 V6 engine

Sep 21, 2016

Here’s a car we bet you didn’t know existed. We didn’t. It’s a 930-era Porsche 911 with a McLaren Formula One engine. Yes, you did read that correctly. Sitting in the back of this otherwise...

Grand Theft Auto V-Lindsay Lohan Lacey Jonas

Lindsay Lohan tries to sue GTA V creators, fails

Sep 06, 2016

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan has lost a lawsuit posed against the developers of the popular console game Grand Theft Auto V. Lohan accused GTA’s developer Take-Two Interactive of basing the virtual character Lacey Jonas on...

China elevated bus

Transit Elevate Bus makes its maiden voyage in China

Aug 03, 2016

China’s revolutionary new ‘straddling bus’, or Land Airbus as it’s also known, has officially hit the streets for its first test run. Officially called the Transit Elevated Bus, it began the inaugural testing phase in...

Forza Horizon 3-Ford Falcon XR8

Forza Horizon 3 gets Ford Falcon XR8, Holden Torana A9X

Jul 20, 2016

We’ve already told you about Forza Horizon 3, the Australian themed open-road Xbox One game which will hit shelves on September 10, but now Roadshow has revealed 150 of the game’s 350 cars. It includes...

Pokemon Go Nurburgring

Pokemon Go blamed for car crash, interactions found on Nurburgring

Jul 15, 2016

The success of Pokemon Go is, for the most part, inescapable. The immersive augmented reality mobile-app game has been a major hit since its July 6 release, catapulting Nintendo’s company value by over $11 billion....

Forza 6 July expansion

Forza 6 gets new expansion pack, Monza and Catalunya added

Jul 14, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6 is now available with a new expansion pack which incorporates seven new cars and new tracks including Monza, Catalunya and Circuit of the Americas. The cars included in the package are the...

GTA V Further Adventures

Grand Theft Auto V Further Adventures pack announced (video)

Jun 30, 2016

An exciting expansion pack featuring some wicked new cars has become live on Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto V, on PlayStation 4. The expansion pack, announced a few days ago, is called ‘Further Adventures in...

New Top Gear-season 23

New Top Gear (season 23) off to a bad start, Chris Evans moved back

Jun 14, 2016

The BBC’s revamped Top Gear is setting new record-lows for viewership, with the network moving host Chris Evans into a more casual role in an attempt to increase ratings. Top Gear’s most recent episode in...

Transit Explore Land Airbus concept

Innovative Land Airbus could help traffic in China (video)

May 29, 2016

An innovative solution to China’s nightmarish congestion has been devised by Beijing-based Transit Explore Bus. Introducing the Land Airbus concept. The Land Airbus is envisaged as a new form of transport which allows cars to...

worlds fastest mobility scooter

New Guinness world record for fastest mobility scooter (video)

Feb 04, 2016

Ever went out for an afternoon stroll only to find yourself stuck behind an older person on one of those slow mobility scooters? Hogging the whole footpath, you either have to walk around them or...

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