Top 6 Cars of Infamous World Leaders

Jun 04, 2015

There are some world leaders who inspire happiness and devotion in their people, and then there’s the other lot. From foot-in-mouth clumsy, to oppressive, to downright evil, here is a handful of the latter and...

Top 8 Aussie motoring fails

Jun 01, 2015

The Australian motoring industry has seen its fair share of triumphs and fine achievements over the years, but as we enter the twilight phase, let’s have a look at some of the stinkers that have...

Arnold Schwarzenegger announces 2nd charity; ‘blow sh*t up’

May 04, 2015

We’re not sure how this slipped under our news-worthiness radar. Charity organisation Omaze and international celebrity and former Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up last year for perhaps one of the coolest fund-raisers we’ve seen...

Editorial: Think Holden. What about the future?

May 02, 2015

Holden has painted a picture of its post-2017 showroom, which is starting to materialise with the just-launched Astra and Cascada models. But can it maintain its identity going forward? Or will the lack of Australian...

2015 Geneva Motor Show highlights (mega gallery)

Mar 05, 2015

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show was one of the biggest events of the past 12 months in terms of showstopping cars, with many international debuts ranging from high-performance hot hatches to mind-blowing supercars and concepts....

25yo Swede buys a Soviet tank, got bored of snowmobile (video)

Feb 04, 2015

Jerkey Lysell, a 25-year-old Swedish man, has purchased a 1960s Soviet tank online and according to him, it’s “better than a snowmobile”. The silver medalist at last year’s European Orienteering Championships was looking for an...

Giant Stig statue being put up in Poland for ‘BBC Brit’ channel

Jan 27, 2015

As part of its latest campaign to advertise a new global channel called BBC Brit, the British broadcasting corporation has built a massive statue of Top Gear’s famous part man, part machine test driver, The...

Web series ‘Super-Fan Builds’ makes Batmobile stroller

Jan 20, 2015

To all super-fans out there, drop everything and read this. Before convincing everyone you know to nominate you for a precious appearance in Super-Fan Builds. After all, this web series has a Higher Purpose that...

26-year-old Brit discovers Europe in van-turned-house

Jan 14, 2015

Step one: Quit job. Step two: Build camper van. Step three: Travel. With this trio of sentences, Mike Hudson perfectly describes the last eighteen months or so of his life. As you may have guessed...

Ford embraces American Xmas winter with snowman challenge

Dec 30, 2014

By definition, December in Australia is a 31-day celebration of the three S’s: sun, sea and summer. On the other side of the planet, though, the twelfth month of the year usually entails crisp layers...

Streetpong ‘ActiWait’ entertains pedestrians in Germany

Dec 12, 2014

Pong, the game that most would probably assume has outlived its usefulness in the 21st century, might have finally found new life in Germany. In a bid to reduce boredom, pedestrians in the small city...

Rallying with Molly Taylor, Australia’s next WRC star (video)

Dec 11, 2014

Flying through the bush at over 200km/h, just missing trees and coming within a fraction of a twitch of becoming a passenger to an uncomfortable roller-coaster ride is all within a day’s work for Molly...

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