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Video: SSC Tuatara high-speed 0-200mph testing

Oct 19, 2011

Some remember the SSC Tuatara hypercar that was unveiled recently. This is going to be the successor to the brutal SSC Ultimate Aero supercar, a car that did hold the record as the fastest production...

Video: Lexus IS F crushed under Californian anti-hoon laws

Oct 19, 2011

Is it a waste? The question just keeps circulating around inside our heads. This Lexus IS F being crushed was subject to strict Californian road laws recently, as the owner was allegedly caught ‘street racing’....

2014 BMW M3 renderings could preview new look

Oct 18, 2011

Taking inspiration from the just unveiled 2012 BMW 3 Series, a member from F30post on Bimmerpost forums has come up with interesting 2014 BMW M3 renderings. Although BMW is yet to release official images of...

McLaren ‘mega-Mac’ F1 successor to take on Bugatti Veyron

Oct 18, 2011

The successor to the incredible and famously fast McLaren F1 is on its way. Dubbed the ‘mega-Mac’, McLaren has confirmed that testing of the new hypercar has begun in Spain and in Germany. This is...

Genty Akylone unveiled as 1000hp French supercar

Oct 18, 2011

A new French supercar maker is in town called Genty Automobile, and it’s just unveiled its first car. Meet the Genty Akylone. It has 1000hp and is promising to be one of the quickest and...

Audi RS1 confirmed with a prototype spotted

Oct 17, 2011

Audi has inadvertently confirmed it is building an Audi RS1; a super hot hatch version of the new Audi A1. Various spy photographers from around the world have spotted an early prototype being flung around...

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport package unveiled

Oct 16, 2011

BMW has unveiled the new 2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport package, after revealing the new model in Germany on Friday. Like the existing kits available with BMW models, the M Sport pack adds various...

Video: Nissan Juke-R project coming together

Oct 15, 2011

Nissan has released another Nissan Juke-R video, this time it shows some of the major components being put together, such as the rear sub-frame and differential, and the engine being lifted up, as well as...

2012 BMW 3 Series unveiled – update

Oct 15, 2011

BMW has just unveiled the all-new 2012 BMW 3 Series at its world premiere event in Munich, Germany. And right on schedule too, after it announced a couple of weeks ago that the F30 2012...

Video: Jaguar C-X75 design inspiration explained

Oct 14, 2011

Jaguar has previously announced that production of the stunning Jaguar C-X75 will take place in 2013, with around 250 planned for the market. Right-hand drive versions will be made, with some being earmarked for the...

Subaru BRZ render fills in skeleton preview

Oct 13, 2011

Subaru is yet to unveil the Subaru BRZ – counterpart to the Toyota FT86 project. Unlike Toyota, Subaru is hasn’t even revealed a Subaru BRZ concept edition. Based on the only glimpse Subaru has provided,...

BMW 520i and BMW 528i announced in Australia with 2.0L four-cylinder turbo

Oct 13, 2011

BMW Australia is introducing the new BMW 520i and BMW 528i, both featuring different forms of the new N20 2.0-litre TwinPower turbo four-cylinder engine. New BMW 520i Like the upcoming F30 2012 BMW 3 Series...

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