BMW 2 Series Convertible gets optional LED logo projector

September 12, 2014

BMW has introduced the ultimate ‘bling-bling’ optional accessory for the new 2 Series Convertible; an LED projection of the company logo from the door.

BMW 2 Series convertible LED door projection

Range Rover first introduced this feature with the Evoque, only it projects the beam from beneath the side mirrors. In the BMW 2 Series the light is emitted from the lower door panel.

Basically what this does is spray a nice Batman-style beam onto the ground showing the BMW logo, reminding whoever is getting in or out that the car is a BMW. It’s the perfect show off accessory.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible is one of the company’s latest models, having been revealed for the first time just earlier this week. It will make its public debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show next month, potentially showcasing this flash new option.

To remind you, the 2 Series convertible will come in 220d, 220i, 228i and M235i forms. All feature a turbocharged engine, with power output spanning from 135kW in the case of the 220i and up to 240kW in the case of the M235i.

Considering the 2 Series is quite low in the showroom hierarchy, we could see this logo projection technology appear in higher-end models in the near future. We’re guessing BMW will first gauge the public’s reaction before it makes any mass-production plans.

It might seem like a gimmicky feature at first but it could come in handy if you’re about to step out into a puddle of water or mud that you wouldn’t otherwise see in the dark.

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