All posts by Frances Van de Vel

Frances is a contributing journalist at PerformanceDrive, from Antwerp in Belgium. She recently ventured over to Australia to expand her journalism skills and to do a bit of travelling. She is an expert in cultural reporting and can write in three different languages. Her ideal car is a dark blue MINI Cooper S with a Union Jack flag on the roof.

Renault celebrates Valentine’s Day with chocolaty Clio Ganache

Jan 21, 2015

This is probably one of the first times that a car-related article starts with a cooking lesson, but here we go. Heat up some cream until it simmers gently, and then pour it onto some...

Web series ‘Super-Fan Builds’ makes Batmobile stroller

Jan 20, 2015

To all super-fans out there, drop everything and read this. Before convincing everyone you know to nominate you for a precious appearance in Super-Fan Builds. After all, this web series has a Higher Purpose that...

Audi announces Virtual Reality Experience for customers

Jan 18, 2015

Four rings to rule them all, four rings to configure a car, four rings to select options and in virtual reality bind them. Those may not have been J.R.R. Tolkien’s exact words in The Lord...

Ford hands out F-150 Raptors by drone at Detroit Auto Show

Jan 15, 2015

Dear readers. Have you attended one of the press days at the current Detroit Auto Show and did you have a closer look at Ford’s stand? If you answered “yes” to both questions, we bet...

26-year-old Brit discovers Europe in van-turned-house

Jan 14, 2015

Step one: Quit job. Step two: Build camper van. Step three: Travel. With this trio of sentences, Mike Hudson perfectly describes the last eighteen months or so of his life. As you may have guessed...

Forza 6 featuring 2017 Ford GT announced at Detroit Auto Show

Jan 14, 2015

Making a show-stopping red carpet debut and simultaneously being revealed as the new face of a video game franchise, even though the 2017 Ford GT is officially just a few days old, its curriculum vitae...

New Dodge Viper GTC presents 25 million possible customisations

Jan 12, 2015

Stress of choice is arguably one of the main diseases that wreak havoc in the Digital Age. The daily streams of internet information, for instance, already force us to filter and select so as not...

Harman presents Individual Sound Zones technology at CES 2015

Jan 08, 2015

Even though it is hard to guess exactly how many road trips have already been spoiled by the inevitable ‘which music will we listen to?’ family fight, we suspect the number is rather high. We...

Top 10 best car commercials of 2014 (video)

Jan 07, 2015

Although 2015 has now almost completed the first week of its 365-day road trip, there is still time left to indulge in nostalgia and to remember some 2014 automotive treasures. In this perspective, we endeavoured...

Italian sculptor cruises Venice in wooden Ferrari F50 (video)

Jan 02, 2015

If Livio De Marchi had crossed the Grand Canal in a gondola or a water taxi, the myriad of people swarming the picturesque streets of Venice would probably never have stopped in their tracks to...

Ford embraces American Xmas winter with snowman challenge

Dec 30, 2014

By definition, December in Australia is a 31-day celebration of the three S’s: sun, sea and summer. On the other side of the planet, though, the twelfth month of the year usually entails crisp layers...

Smart ForTwo owner overturns £50 parking fine after year-long debate

Dec 17, 2014

There are many things that you can accomplish in one year: jog your way towards a better physical condition, complete graduate education, prepare a mind-blowing wedding proposal… And just recently, a 44-year-old business owner from...

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